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Payment of Services

All bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit of 50% at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due at the event unless stated otherwise on your paperwork or agreed in advance by Marco Marketing Canada. By paying the deposit you are partaking in a contract to agree to pay the full amount of hire as stated in a written contract between Marco Marketing Canada and the client.

Venue Location

Organizer to ensure that all address details of the venue are correct. Marco Marketing Canada cannot be held responsible for any errors or delays resulting from incorrect or missing address details.

Access and Parking at Venue

Organizer to ensure that there is access for us to unload and load at the venue. This includes the parking of our vehicles during the unloading/loading period. You also need to provide parking spaces for our vehicles during the entire time we are onsite, any parking charges are the responsibility of the client.

Events beyond our Control

Marco Marketing Canada cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event. These may include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances our liability will be limited to the refunding all of monies paid.


If the photo booth is out of use due to technical difficulties, we shall refund you accordingly to the amount of time that the booth is not in operation and in proportion to the amount paid for the hours of hire.

Set-up of Services

Organizer to ensure that the venue has agreed for Marco Marketing Canada to be in attendance at their venue at the agreed time. This also includes ensuring that there is access to enter the venue. Power sockets in close proximity of where the services are to be (within 1.5 m) and space of around 12ft x 12ft to be made available. One chair and two tables, one big, one small to be set at the space. Organizer to inform us of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer.

Hire Period

Marco Marketing Canada will arrive to set up anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes before the agreed time depending on what service has been hired. The hire period will commence from the agreed upon time and finish at the agreed upon time. In the event that Photo Booth is not ready to commence at the agreed upon time due to our fault we will still give you the agreed hire period by extending the finishing time of the hire. In the event that the hire does not start at the agreed time as setup has been delayed due to either the venue not allowing access on time or your events are over running the hire will still end as per the agreed upon time. In the event that we have set up in time but the hire does not start at the agreed time due to over running of previous activities by yourselves or the venue the hire will still end as per the agreed upon time.

Termination of Hire

Marco Marketing Canada will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our staff. If this does occur Marco Marketing Canada is within their rights to terminate the hire. We are providing a service to yourselves and guests and therefore feel that our staff should be treated with the respect they deserve. Marco Marketing Canada is also within their right to terminate a hire if they feel that any equipment or property belonging to Marco Marketing Canada is in danger of getting damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behavior from guests. We also reserve the right to refuse guests to participate in the activities if we feel they are too unruly or too intoxicated. In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire we will always speak with the organizer first to try to resolve the matter before terminating. If we do have to terminate the hire due to reasons stated above, the full cost of hire is still payable and we will not issue any refunds for hire time that has been cut short.


Children under 12 are to be supervised at all times by an adult over 18 years when using any of our services. We reserve the right to not allow children to use our services if they are not accompanied and under the control of a responsible adult or if we feel they are hampering the enjoyment of our services for other guests.

Use of photos/Videos by us

By booking us for your event you are of the understanding that we may use any of the photographs/videos taken during the event of your guests. This includes but is not limited to advertising and promotional material either in print or on the web or social media. By us attending your event we are of the understanding that permission has been granted to do so by yourselves and your guests.

Function location:……………………

Organizer: ------------------------

Function Date:..............................


Name: Address: _______________________________

Tel:  _________________________

Email: ________________________

Date of event: ____________________

Time of event: _____________________

No. of hrs.: ________________________

 No. of guest: ________________________

Event location: _______________________

Package contents: _______________________


 Extra prints: ____________________________

USB / DVD: _____________________

Photo Album: ___________________

On line photo gallery: ________________

Video presentation : ____________________

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