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 The making of an e-business card

1. Make an engaging video presentation which will consist of graphics, text, photographs, video, audio and music.

2. Time duration for this presentation will be 30 ~ 45 sec.

3. Media will be presented to the client as a link, which will reside on a private server

4. This link can be embedded in your website, blog, Emails, and all other social media.

5. A clients graphic Ad which is displayed on a webpage will have this link embedded into it.

6. The media presentation will have direct links to the clients website or any other targeted page

7. The Ad can be tracked for number of hits.


Shooting and editing:

Photography / Videography only (graphics/Logos to be given by client) $150

*Hosting 3 months $50

**Hosting 1yr $100

HD version of the media file $50

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