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Certification from The New York Institute of Photography.

Certified Quality Engineer from American Society of Quality

Member of Nikonians

Active in Photography for the last 35 years.

Current Projects: -Product Photography, -Hybrid photography/video -Portraits indoors or outdoors (fully equipped studio) -Occasions, -Photo Booth for events. Real estate virtual tours & photography, Event Videography, Personalized phone Apps.

Contact: 416-577-1392

email: jcnestudio@gmail.com


360 spin Product Photography and 360 Virtual tour for Real Estate

For product photography we create a gallery of product photographs and also create a 360 view of your product. This can be adapted to various marketing concepts.

For Real estate we give life to the pictures of your home and property by creating a photo–video hybrid presentation in a virtual video with music. We create 360 panoramic view of your rooms and direct the viewer from room to room to explore in a 3D virtual reality.


The e-business card

Printed business cards are a staple of commerce worldwide, yet most business people communicate electronically.

We want to use the wonderful auto editing technology that combines photos+video+audio+graphics+music for us to make one perfectly edited video file that I shoot, upload, then the system delivers the eProduct - and an additional sales message.

An e-card is short for electronic business card. As we all know, we only have 30 seconds to get someone's attention about our product or service. You need to convey that in 30 seconds and make it interesting before the person is GONE!

By using e-cards, you can convey that message and make it go viral using Facebook buttons embedded in the e-card, embed the e-card in your emails, have your e-card on your phone and also embed your e-card on your website.

Your e-card can be played on any device without a glitch. Your e-card also has a awesome feature with LIVE link to your contact info. Think of it as a 30 second commercial. However, you are letting others spread the word for you without effort on your part. I create your e-card with the use of photos, video and audio and I do all the work for you - putting together your message - using Hybrid Media equipment.

Here's an example of how I can shoot one still photo, two segments of video+audio, of a businessperson, then add in one screenshot of a webpage and a few pieces of data and make an e-Card. The shoot itself takes less than 5 minutes. All related graphics are to be provided by the client.

The investment is only $100 plus a $50 storage fee for 3 months of safe storage on a server so your e-card can be played on all devices with no problems at anytime! It includes the final online product of a 30 to 45 second e-card commercial for your business, all filming for the e-card (outdoors or indoors), all photography, music and all pre and post productions costs.

After 3 months you can renew your e-card hosting  for only $50, or have me create a new e-card for your needs at that time.

An e-card gives you many uses such as an e-card attachment that you can attach to all outgoing emails. After all, right now you are only signing the email in most cases. This is like attaching a real business card to your email but so much more.  You can embed the e-card on your website with just a link.

Easy! But the most important part is the way your e-card can be shared on Facebook and Linkedin. With the click of a button on your e-card all your contact information is shown with LIVE link to your website.

Just an example of what a e-card is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4etKfW2r4w&feature=youtu.be

See example of my e-business card:

I can also create a photos+video+audio+graphics+music presentation for your Real estate home sales .  see example

Please call me for more info and how we can make this work.

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